despite the proliferation of sound bars, not all are nearly agreeable that a single piece of ‘bar’ could result in a rich cinematic experience. if you belong to the non believer of sound producing bars, then we suppose a solid setup of at least a 5.1 system would be suffice. speaking of which, they are awful lot of 5.1 systems out in the market, however, if hi-fi quality is what you are after, then you might want to take a look at the Quad L-ite Plus Home Cinema Speaker System. though it don’t come cheap, but we will get to that latter. building upon the success of the award-winning Quad L-ite and L-lite2 packages, Quad has taken the driver technology featured in their ‘L Classic’ speaker range and put them into an attractive, compact package that comprises of four satellite speakers for the front and rear, a matching center speaker, and a compact active subwoofer.

features of the satellites include 100mm Kevlar-made long-throw mid/bass driver (one in each satellite, two in the center speaker), 25mm fabric dome tweeter and a newly designed cabinet with smooth, curved surfaces for seamless dispersion of output from the drive units. the accompanying all-new active subwoofer though petite in size, still packs in two mechanically opposed bass drivers with 150mm carbon fiber-weaved duo tri-lam cones and a 200W RMS amplifier for deepest bass with low distortion. design-wise, the sub is naturally designed to complement the satellites’ aesthetic. the speaker system sports multiple layers of rich lacquer and is available in high gloss black, elegant high-gloss white, as well as high-gloss ruby red. the Quad L-ite Plus Home Cinema Speaker System will be hitting the stores from May and carries a retail sticker of £1,199.95 (about US$1,835).

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in addition to the 5.1 package, the individual speakers may also be acquired separately if you prefer a 2.1 or a bigger 7.1 system. the Quad L-ite Plus satellite goes for £249.95 a pair, the Quad L-ite Plus center speaker is £199.95, while the Quad L-ite Subwoofer will set you back at £599.95 each.

Quad L-ite Plus Home Cinema Speaker System

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