again. the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Survival Machine you see here is something money can’t buy. based on the 2013 Santa Fe Sport, this particular zombie apocalypse four-wheel survival machine is designed by Anson Kuo and was picked as the winner from among more than 82,500 fan submissions on the The Walking Dead Chop Shop configurator app. unlike the previous two versions, the Veloster- and Elantra-based survival machines, Kuo choice of ride is the trusty SUV which, as he explains, “allows space for extra passengers as well as weapons, supplies and all the other necessary items needed during a real zombie apocalypse.” well, we couldn’t agree more cos’ in a real world, ammo and food will run out, so it is imperative to have the luxury of space for more storage, if not for more company – human company.

as for the zombie fiends, they will be taken care by the mounted machine guns including one roof-mounted high-cal item, accessible through the vehicle’s roof hatch, but if the horde gets a little too close for comfort or the situation calls for a straight-plow through, there are always a slew of knife blades poking out of the SUV’s body to keep the undead at bay, or perhaps, do a little bit of slice and dice to them. additionally, an aluminum armor body ensures the vehicle will stand up to inevitable bashing when escaping from the mob of walking dead. evasive features include an urban camouflage paint job and a muffler silencer to keep sound level to the low for sneaking past possible threats, while a samurai sword, accessible from the outside, at the back of the SUV, is ready for deployment in case anyone is unfortunate enough to be out in the open and weapon-less. and oh, there also an automatic crossbow on the hood too – if silence kills are necessary.

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you can catch the Hyundai Walking Dead Santa Fe Sport Survival Machine at the New York Comic Con‘s Future US booth from October 10-13, 2013. again, no. you can’t buy this thing anywhere and even if you do, it won’t be road-worthy (man, just look at those blades!). we are still far away from Mad Max, remember?

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