ACMug Air Conditioner Mug

Air conditioner and mug are seemingly unrelated objects, but that was before ACMug came along. As the product name hinted, ACMug is a mug AND a portable air conditioner rolled into one.

ACMug Air Conditioner Mug
Just add ice.

OK. Maybe it is not quite an air conditioner per se, but it is definitely a cooling fan… built into a mug. Its manufacturer claims that it could reduce room temperature by 7 degrees Celsius (44.6 Fahrenheit).

At a glance, ACMug looks like an ordinary mug, but it has a pair of air conditioner vents on either side of the mug. Inside each vent is a blower motor that pushes air out through the 15-degree upward titled air outlets and has a choice of 3 wind speeds.

ACMug Air Conditioner Mug

But where did the cold air come from? Well, the magic lies in the ice that you introduce into the choice of drink you have in the mug. As air drawn into the mug passes through the airflow channel, heat is being transferred to the stainless steel liner (which is cooled by your icy beverage), and voila! cold air gets blown out through the vents.

The wonder of this novelty device is, it can also be used during cold weather to offer your hands some much-needed heat. Just add a hot beverage into it and you get warm air. As a mug, it is, well, a mug. It comes with a sealed lid that has a sealable hole for straw and a sealable opening from sipping.

ACMug Air Conditioner Mug

TBH, I am quite skeptical if the air could really be cold. It is probably like one of the portable fans but with the boon of slightly colder air and the ability to take a sip.

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Having said that, I highly doubt it is worth US$109. Thankfully, if you are willing to give it a go, the ACMug Air Conditioner Mug could be had for a discount of 37% less at US$69 if you back the product on Kickstarter.

But some words of warning… this being a Kickstarter campaign, it has its risks. So make sure you fully understand what you are getting into before committing. Just saying…

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Images: Kickstarter (ACMug).