Ever wonder how the iconic The Thinker (aka Le Penseur) bronze sculpture by Auguste Rodin would look like in other poses? Oh, never? It does not matter if you did not because you can now find out with the FREEing Figma The Thinker Figure.

FREEing Figma The Thinker Figure

In case the product name did not spell it out clearly enough for you, yes, it is the world-renowned sculpture as a fully-posable action figure. Part of FREEing’s The Table Museum series of Figma figures based on famous works of art, The Thinker is actually a re-released.

In fact, this isn’t it’s first re-released. This particular action figure was first released in June 2015. It then saw two re-releases in August 2016 and January 2018. It was the first in the said series, btw.

FREEing Figma The Thinker Figure

Included with this 6,600 yen (about US$57.90) figure are a special stand, chest, and head components for recreating the classic thinking pose, along with other replacement components to allow it to pose like a regular dude. I mean, a regular naked action figure.

The figure is made of plastic (ABS, ATBC-PVC) and stands a little over 6 inches (155 mm) tall.

FREEing Figma The Thinker Figure

If you are down for an artsy action figure, you can preorder it from the Goodsmile US website for US$65.99 a pop.

FREEing Figma The Thinker Figure

Images: FREEing [JP].


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