Moleskine The Hobbit Limited Edition Collection

Moleskine The Hobbit Limited Edition Collection
Moleskine The Hobbit Limited Edition Collection | US$tba |

as hard as we might try, we can never really go paperless and in fact, most ordinary folks weren’t able to and there’s a good reason why: there’s a strange sense of achievement or sort when we are actually scribing something down with the good’ol pen or pencil. you know, sometime the idea just struck while you are trekking through the mythical Wilderland and all you wanted is to quickly jot it down. anyway, you get the idea. in such situation, there’s little doubt which notebook you should be toting around without missing the style factor and that’s the Moleskine and for loyal fans of Tolkien, whom we believe are equally accustomed to both digital and the good olds, the Moleskine The Hobbit Limited Edition Collection is certainly a must have. the collection comprises of four notebooks, featuring two kinds of artwork that represent the original drawings by JRR Tolkien but of course, that isn’t all to it. concealed away in the secret back pocket of the notebooks is a map of Wilderland that stretches from the Misty Mountains west to River Running east. choose between the ruled version that features a burgundy red cover adorned with the iconic Lonely Mountain franked by two dragons or the plain version in an uber cool chestnut brown cover that has a silkscreen printed map of Mirkwood as the backdrop, accentuate by a hot-foiled stamped seal of a dragon in subtle yet contrasting shiny silver red. wrapping up the limited edition notebooks is the original “JRRT” monogram of the author on each notebook’s spine. available in both 9 by 14 cm pocket and 13 x 21 cm large size formats with pre-sale starting from mid-November at Moleskine web store, as well as select bookstores around the world and the collection will be available when The Hobbit movie hit the theaters on the December 14, 2012. click through for a gallery of the awesome Moleskine The Hobbit Limited Edition Collection.

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