Oculus Ditches Controllers, Lets You Bring Your Real Hands Into VR With Hand Tracking

Hand controllers for VR, though necessary, are silly. They are good if you are holding a weapon say, a gun or Lightsaber, in the VR world, but not when you want to experience the dexterity of your digits like you do in the real world. You will need a VR gloves for the latter, or […]

Oculus Quest VR Headset Is Essentially A Wearable PC For Your Face

Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One (Amblin Entertainment, 2018) is a look into the future of virtual reality. Back in the real world, Oculus is leading mankind into that future. It already did with Oculus Go, Oculus Rift and Gear VR, but as you may know, Ready Player One is all about immersion and gaming and […]

Oculus Go VR Headset Is Officially Available To 23 Countries

First announced last October, Facebook-owned Oculus’s first standalone, affordable VR headset, Oculus Go, is finally available. The device, which is available to 24 countries, is launching with over 1,000 games and experiences, including Discovery VR, Hulu, Netflix, Jurassic World Blue, Coaster Combat, They Suspect Nothing – just to name a few.

Oculus Go VR Headset Is Standalone, Needs No PC Or Smartphone To VR

This is it. Finally, VR experience will be truly tether- and interruption-free, and affordable – all at the same time come 2018 when the newly-announced $199 Oculus Go becomes available. With Go, you need no PC nor smartphone to immerse yourself in over 1,000 VR games, social apps, 360 experiences and more. It is about […]

Samsung Gear VR Innovation Edition VR Headset for Galaxy S6 Available for Pre-order Now, Priced at $250

If virtual reality is at the back of your mind when you are shopping around for a flagship handset from Samsung, then the good news is, you don’t need to settle on a Note 4 to have the virtual reality experience cos’ you can now pre-order the collab VR headset by Samsung and Oculus for […]

Samsung’s First VR Headset Is Powered By Oculus And The New Galaxy Note 4

want to take your mobile entertainment or gaming to the next level? well, then we suppose virtual reality headsets, or VR headsets as they are commonly called, are the next ‘logical progression’. joining the world of virtually reality and expanding its Gear wearable tech lineup, Samsung has pull the veil off the much anticipated VR […]

Oculus Rift

while some gaming fans are savoring the advanced gaming simulators available to them in the form of race car or aircraft simulator rigs, there is a group of folks working hard to develop one that will make FPS fans happy. we are not talking about complex rigs like the one that appeared on the gadget show or the Novint XIO…