Whether you find it hard to recall combination numbers or find the need to unlock your locker in double quick time, the MasterLock dialSpeed will be up to task. Instead of using numbers, it uses directional combo to unlock and is sized (51mm or 2-1/16-inch wide, to be exact) to enable one hand operation. excellent if you have one hand full of files and stuff, and need to open your locker. What makes the dialSpeed unique is the use of an electronic directional interface which lights up when touched. Powering it is a typical watch battery that is good for 5 years and when the battery runs low, the center ring glows yellow to let you know its time to change the battery.

MasterLock dialSpeed

It is programmable to any combination you desire with option for three additional guest codes. The latter feature will comes in handy if you need to grant temporary access for up to three person. In the event that you can’t recall your code, don’t go around looking for a bolt cutter to mutilate the lock cos’ its boron carbide shackle is going to give you a hard time. To aid users in retrieving forgotten code, MasterLock has a handy permanent Backup Master Code available via masterlockvault.com, so you don’t really need to go to the extreme to get the dialSpeed to open. Last but not least, anti-shim technology is incorporated as an added security measure. You can get yours for a (not so) student-affordable price of $24.99 $39.68 a pop.

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