if you eat takeout often, then you are guilty of contributing the hard-to-decomposed, non-biodegradable disposal plastic spoons. apparently, it takes at least 20 years for it to decomposed under “best conditions” or over 1,000 years in less-than-ideal conditions such as landfills. sounds a little scary, doesn’t it? disposable plastic spoons might be small, but they do adds up over time, unless you could eat the spoon after using it, then that would solve the problem. that’s exactly what Triangle Tree is proposing with The Edible Spoon. Edible Spoon is an utensil that you can consume after you have done using it. it doesn’t look too appetizing to us, though it does look like chips, only thicker and longer and with a bowl for scooping.

it is made with all-organic ingredients, including corn flour, whole wheat flour, baking power, sugar, salt, eggs, separated milk, some spices and herbs. so the spoon is not only good for the environment, but it is also good for you, well, apparently. we not a fan of flour stuff, but then again, the spoon is quite small, so i guess it won’t hurt. though it is essentially food, it is still totally capable of shoving food into your mouth without breaking down and when you are done, the “weakened lines” on the bowl of the spoon allows it to be broken down to smaller pieces for easy consumption. there are three flavors to choose from: plain, spicy and sweet and they can be used in accordance to what you are eating, such as sweet spoon with cereal, spicy spoon with spicy meals or perhaps, to add a wee “zest to bland food.” well, you get the idea.

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imagine how much plastic we could save, or for businesses, how much water could be save, if this were to be widely adopted. now, if only there were edible fork and bowl too…

The Edible Spoon by Triangle Tree

The Edible Spoon by Triangle Tree

Triangle Tree via Inhabitat

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