Depending on your life’s adventures, a lighter and multi-tools may be considered essentials, and if so, you will be delighted by American camping gear specialist Coleman’s new Multi-tool Lighter. The product name pretty much speaks for itself. This pocketable camping gadget is built around a flip-top, windproof mini-torch (refillable, we would imagine) and features a rubberized body for enhanced grip, along with four basic tools, namely a can opener, file, mid-size knife and a mini saw – all hinged to the hinged side of the lighter.

Coleman has no additional pictures to offer, but we are going to assume that those tools you see there will sit flushed to the lighter’s rubberized body and if so, it would make this one heck of a sleek multi-tool lighter. Nothing particularly revolutionary, but nevertheless a gadget we would love to include in our EDC. No word on the pricing yet, but according to Gizmag, various sources pointed to a possible price range of between $13 and $24.

via Gizmag

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