We have seen quite a number of multi-tool with flashlights. But I don’t believe we have seen one that has both a flashlight AND a lighter like the HUNT 4.0 by SeptemStudio has.

HUNT 4.0 Pocket-sized Multi-tool with Fire and Light

HUNT 4.0 is a palm-sized LED flashlight on one end and the other end, a Zippo-style wick-based lighter. A strange combo but if you think about it, these are two of the essentials when camping.

Like Zippo’s, the lighter is refillable. The other half of the flashlight is where you will find a 10180 lithium-ion, rated at 80 mAh rechargeable battery that powers a high-powered CREE LED module offering level of brightness.

When fully charged, the battery, which is rechargeable via USB, provides1.5 hours of continuous use on max brightness (120 lumens), or 7 hours at 20 lumens.

HUNT 4.0 Pocket-sized Multi-tool with Fire and Light

The lighter cover is also the pry tip that is not just good for prying jobs; it also serves as a staple remover, bag opener, box, and letter opener, a screwdriver, and more. And on this pry tip is a hole that lets you attach the tool to a keyring for easy carry.

Rounding up the package is an IPX7 rated titanium construction in a choice of a stonewashed or polished finish.

If you are down for a super cool flashlight, you may find the HUNT 4.0 Pocket-sized Flashlight/Lighter on Kickstarter where you can secure a unit for £45 (about US$60) each.

HUNT 4.0 Pocket-sized Multi-tool with Fire and Light

The campaign has already reached its goal and so it is a go. This isn’t SeptemStudio’s first rodeo on Kickstarter, btw. It is its 7th.

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Images: SeptemStudio.

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