I am sure you have seen a ton of this in the market, but rest assure, the Flipside, as it is called, is a little different from those ring thingy that sticks to the back of your smartphone.

Flipside Smartphone Multi-tool

It is true the Flipside has a ring, but also, it is more than just a ring for a secure hold on your precious handset. For starter, the ring rotates 360 degrees for freedom of hold without removing and reinserting your finger.

OK. Perhaps some versions out there also does this, but then it is also a stand. Wait. Some of the ring thingy also does that? Well, I bet they don’t have two angle of stand which the Flipside do.

Flipside Smartphone Multi-tool

Even if the existing solutions has all of that, I am pretty sure they do not have quick mount let lets you clip it on the air-conditioner vents of your car. Yes. Flipside totally does that.

Actually, the market is not lacking of accessories that let you do all the above mentioned, but as separate accessories. Triptech’s proposition with Flipside is doing all those in one tiny, non-obtrusive accessory which is pretty neat.

Flipside Smartphone Multi-tool

How is this not getting its due love on Kickstarter is beyond me. Then again, I am not the market. I am just a speck in the market and so, how would I know right? Personally, I think it may have something to do with the price which Triptech is asking for $15-18 in return.

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Anywho, I will let you be the judge of it.

Flipside Smartphone Multi-tool

Images: Triptech.

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