if you choose to take the naked route for your iPhone, then we are pretty sure you are a person of minimalism who is also all up for sleek design. yes? well, if the answer is a resounding ‘yes’, then the folks at FineGrain has just the right product for you. meet the COBURN Jr. Minimalist Wood iPhone Stand, the newest addition and little brother to the COBURN Minimalist iPad Stand introduced late last year. it embodies all the goodness and trades of the larger COBURN of simplicity, functionality and clean, beautiful design. it is the product that you will feel proud to be using with a sophisticate device like the iPhone. like the original COBURN, the wood iPhone stand features a cut to fit the profile of your iPhone, thereby allowing virtually limitless adjustment of viewing angles in both portrait and landscape orientation.

the stand is handcrafted from locally-sourced cherry or maple wood in the good’ol U.S. of A and is available in two sizes: one to fit iPhone without case (uncased model) and another for iPhone with case (cased model). according to the fine folks at FineGrain, the cased model will fit most cases except for ultra bulky cases such as the Otterbox or similar type of rugged casing. basically, it will fit any cases that are less 0.410″ thick. the COBURN Jr. Minimalist Wood iPhone Stand is live on Kickstarter from now till April 9, where you can back this beautiful product by pre-ordering one for just $15. fifteen bucks is all it takes. no frill, no mess. just like the product itself, the reward level is just as straightforward. speaking of which, this got to be the most simplest reward level, ever. keep going for a few more look and a pitch video.

thanks Eric for remembering us!

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