give your GALAXY S IV or iPhone 5/5s a serious boost in the sound reproduction department without lugging along an external portable speaker with the Prescient Audio AudioCase. unlike the earlier example by Sonic Force, the AudioCase is an “active” (aka powered) speaker case that employs Prescient Audio’s pioneering ThinDriver technology, but miniaturized and adapted to fit in a case no thicker than 75mm (65mm for iPhone version). sure, it does bulk the phone quite a bit, but not having to bring along another separate Bluetooth speaker might be a boon for times when you really need to ‘travel light’. don’t you think?

packed into the rugged TPE-built case are what makes the whole package ticks, including a sealed acoustical chamber, a tuned back pressure port for optimal acoustical balance, a through port for the device built-in speaker, an audio amplifier, and of course, the mini ThinDriver. the speaker case connects to your smartphone via physical connector (Lightning for iPhone and micro USB for S4) and it comes with its own built-in rechargeable battery which not only leaves your handset’s battery alone, but also double as a battery pack for your device should the need arise. charging is via the included micro USB to USB cable, which also charges the smartphone at the same time, thereby eliminating the need of removing the case. however, the case can also be removed to be charged separately should you so choose to.

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the Prescient Audio AudioCase is running a campaign on Kickstarter, where between now and April 20, you will be able to back up the project by pre-order the case for $89 and up. as with any Kickstarter project, the ‘pre-order’ will only go through if the campaign hits the set funding goal, which in this case, is a lofty 120 grand.

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