we spent a good portion of the time debating among ourselves what is the best title that would describe this revolutionary prenatal care product. we think Bellabeat Connected System doesn’t sound quite to the point and tracking pregnancy seems almost way too medical. anyway, we will just refer it to as Bellabeat Connected System Pregnancy Tracker, because that’s basically what it does. yup. pregnancy. there is an app for that too. the system comprises of an ultrasound digital tracker which works in sync with an app (for Android and iOS) that will allow expecting parents to listen in and record their unborn child’s heartbeat, track the baby’s movement and keep a Kick Counter chart, as well as organize the prenatal care and keeping a pregnancy diary.

the app also features illustrations of fetal development and can also help mum-to-be tracks pregnancy weight gain and manage nutrition matters. well, like everything else today, it is connected too. meaning parents-to-be can share their unique pregnancy experience with friends, family and interact with a global community of expecting parents, sharing milestones and experiences. of course, the Bellabeat Connected System isn’t meant to cut out your gynecologist entirely; it is designed so expecting mum can trim down the trip needed to visit the doctor. you can grab the Bellabeat Connected System Pregnancy Tracker for $129 a pop. the app is free, though.

Bellabeat Connected System Pregnancy Tracker

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