This is Lookstand 2.0, a super compact phone stand that attaches to the back of the device, ready to be deployed in seconds. Lookstand 2.0 is an improved version over the brand’s first Lookstand.

Lookstand 2.0 Transforming Phone/Tablet Stand

Its patented design allows it to be stashed away when not required and when required, it offers 3 pre-set heights, 120-degree of angle and check it out… 360-degree of rotation so you can switch from landscape to portrait and vice versa, or any angle in-between, effortlessly.

The stand is detachable, leaving the super slim mount on the device to allow for wireless charging. Lookstand 2.0 is pf AL6061 aluminum alloy construction and it boasts a tripod mode that will allow the phone or tablet to raise over 7 inches off the surface by simple adjustments of the telescopic system.

Lookstand 2.0 Transforming Phone/Tablet Stand

It is also a regular kickstand too, allowing you to prop up your phone or tablet in both landscape and portrait orientation, and it can also serve as a handy grip when you desire.

Now, kickstand that sticks to the back of your device is not new. Kickstand that elevates is not as common, and a smartphone/tablet stand that also doubles as a selfie stick? Well, that’s a pretty novel and new concept. Except that Lookstand 2.0 Transforming Phone/Tablet Stand from South Korea-based Lookshop isn’t a concept. It is an accessory money can buy.

Lookstand 2.0 Transforming Phone/Tablet Stand

If you are interested, you may want to consider pre-ordering a unit from Kickstarter by backing for a product.

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The campaign is fully funded and so a pledge of US$39 or more will secure you a unit which will be fulfilled sometime in January 2021.

Lookstand 2.0 Transforming Phone/Tablet Stand

All images courtesy of Lookshop [KR].

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