You may have heard that American motorcycle maker Harley-Davidson is getting into the business of eBike. Well, getting into it is, but not under its Harley-Davidson brand name.

Instead, it has formed a new eBicycle company called Serial 1 Cycle Company and the eBike you see here known as “Serial 1” is its first pedal-assist bicycle, which is set to to arrive in Spring 2021.

Any Harley-Davidson fan will understand the significance of the name “Serial 1”. It is a nod to the nickname for Harley-Davidson’s oldest known motorcycle, “Serial Number One,” from 1903.

It is not just the name that pays homage to the first. It is not hard to see the resemblance between the 1903’s ride. You know, the thin black frame, the fat white tires and the brown leather saddle.

Serial 1 eBicycles Powered By Harley-Davidson

Unfortunately, it is not in the restomod line. The design of the frame is decidedly contemporary. In fact, the frame was as seen last August when Harley announced the intention.

It also lacks of the chunk on the mid frame where the fuel tank and motor supposed to be. It will be nice if Serial 1 translates the same design as the 1903’s ride and gave it a modern spin.

Not that the Serial 1 ain’t a looker. It is. To the credit of the designers, Serial 1 does have the vintage vibe – thanks in part to the thin frame, fat white tires and brown saddle and handle grips.

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Beyond the vintage influence, the Serial 1 is a modern eBike through and through. It features lights (including a super cool light-up logo), disc brakes, and instead of regular’o chain, it has a belt drive running from the pedals to the back wheel. Snazzy.

Information surrounding this exciting new kid in the eBike block is scant at this point. However, there’s a countdown ticker on the Serial 1 website that runs out on November 16. This means, it is likely we will get more details on this day and perhaps, even pre-order the Serial 1.

Images: Serial 1 Cycle Company/Harley-Davidson, Inc..

Source: Engadget.

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