There are a few new developments you may want to know about Harley-Davidson. In addition to officially launching H-D-branded electric balance bikes for kids and firming up details of its first-ever electric motorcycle, LiveWire, along with a peek into its electric future, the legendary America bike maker has revealed its 2020 lineup of traditional motorcycles and these: Harley-Davidson Electric Bicycles.

For clarity’s sake, when we said “Harley-Davidson Electric Bicycles,” we are talking about electric pedal-assist bicycles. Just thought we should make the distinction, otherwise it will sound no different from an electric bike. Anywho… Harley-Davidson announced its first foray into the electric bicycle market at the brand’s Annual Dealer’s Meeting yesterday (August 21).

But don’t get too excited though because, there’s really no info beyond the fact that the company will be dipping into the electric bicycle market. What we roughly understand is, it will have three models which include a couple of step-over city style eBikes and a step-through frame bike.

There are no more than one image to decode what Harley-Davidson has to offer either. Even the official words didn’t provide more information other than “we are going to make eBikes”.

Images: Harley-Davidson.

Source: Yahoo!

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