Harley-Davidson Electric Balance Bikes

American bike maker Harley-Davidson is out to woo the hearts of the very young, specifically kids of age 3-7, with the Harley-Davidson Electric Balance Bikes. However, Harley-Davidson didn’t exactly design the Harley-Davidson Electric Balance Bikes from the ground up.

The bike maker has leveraged on its acquisition of California-based StaCyc (which is pronounced as STAY-sik, btw), a company that makes battery-powered BMX-style push bikes for little ones. Well, that was quick. We heard of the acquisition back in May and fast forward 3 months later, the plan for Harley-Davidson-branded versions of StaCyc 12- and 16-inch-wheeled eDrive models have already materialized.

Harley-Davidson Electric Balance Bikes

Then again, it shouldn’t be that hard, isn’t it? I mean, it is, well, just a matter of rebranding after all. Harley-Davidson Electric Balance Bikes come in two models: IRONE12 and IRONE16. The former is suited for young riders of age of 3-5 while the latter is for kids age between 5 and 7.

Both battery-powered balance bikes has a maximum payload of 75 lbs (34 kilograms) and they share the same aesthetic, differing only in size of the pneumatic tires-wrapped composite wheels (12” for the IRONE12 and 16” on the IRONE16), the seat height (13” and 17” for IRONE12 and IRONE16, respectively) and battery capacity with the IRONE12 having a 17 lbs battery and the IRONE16, a 19 lbs set-up.

Harley-Davidson Electric Balance Bikes

Speaking of the battery, it is of a 20-volt lithium-ion battery that is good for 30-60 minute run time, depending on the usage and what it is riding over, and recharges in 45-60 minutes. Both model offers three power modes, namely, training, medium or standard, and advanced that offers a maximum speed of 5-, 7.5- and 11 mph (or 8, 12 and 18 km/h), respectively.

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Other notable features include twist throttle, aluminum frame construction, and BMX-style fork and freewheel. The Harley-Davidson Electric Balance Bikes are available now with the IRONE12 selling for $649 and the IRONE16 going for a tad more at $699.

Images: Harley-Davidson.

Source: designboom.