Live Play Work’s Hybrid Power Case Will Also Boost Your iPhone’s Sound

The Hybrid Power Case for iPhone 6 by Live Work Play has a couple of extras which you don’t find on a typical battery case. Besides providing 170 percent more juice from its 3,500 mAh battery module, which will recharge your device under two hours at a touch of a button, it also has a […]

Logitech case+ Wants To Be The Only iPhone Case You Will Ever Need

if you have been following our blog, you probably have read about Snap, the accessory that don’t want to be obsolete just because you switch up make and model of smartphone. well, the Logitech case+ works along the same line, but instead of not wanting to be obsolete it wants to be the only iPhone […]

VYSK QS1 Privacy Case Keeps Eavesdropper Out Of Your Phone

paranoid about being eavesdropped all the time, but have no wish to switch to a privacy phone like the Boeing Black Phone and the other Blackphone? well, if that’s the case, VYSK has just the right accessory for you. at the flick of a switch, the VYSK QS1 Privacy Case locks down your device to […]

The Feeling Skin Case Is A Sociable Juice Pack

the market is surely no shortage of juice pack aka battery case for iPhone, but like everything else in life, they are not perfect. first of all, they require manual activation to start charging; secondly, some designs does not allow recharging and synchronization of your device when the battery case is on; and thirdly, despite […]

Prescient Audio AudioCase

give your GALAXY S IV or iPhone 5/5s a serious boost in the sound reproduction department without lugging along an external portable speaker with the Prescient Audio AudioCase. unlike the earlier example by Sonic Force, the AudioCase is an “active” (aka powered) speaker case that employs Prescient Audio’s pioneering ThinDriver…

TopoCharger Battery Case with Topo Maps for iPhone

the kinks in Apple Maps may have been ironed out, but do you trust your life with it when exploring the wilderness? i guess not. this is why you every iPhone-toting adventurers should have the TopoCharger Battery Case with Topo Maps for iPhone. at the most basic level, it offers your iDevice the protection…

iBattz Waterproof and Interchangeable Battery Cases

iPhone 5 is an excellent smartphone but not without its flaw and speaking of flaws, two obvious issues come to our mind would be its susceptibility to scratch (and any drops would be unthinkable) and the less-than-ideal battery life. these trio of iBattz Waterproof and Interchangeable Battery Cases…