VYSK QS1 Privacy Case Keeps Eavesdropper Out Of Your Phone

paranoid about being eavesdropped all the time, but have no wish to switch to a privacy phone like the Boeing Black Phone and the other Blackphone? well, if that’s the case, VYSK has just the right accessory for you. at the flick of a switch, the VYSK QS1 Privacy Case locks down your device to prevent snoopers from whisking information out of it and keeps your text messages and photos encrypted. the QS1 takes on the hardware approach to keep your phone’s contents secured, while a dedicated app offers private image gallery and private text messaging. doing all that while still using the device which you are familiar with. though it is worthy to note that private call mode where voice communications are encrypted is only available through a monthly subscription plan.

in addition to privacy protection, the case also features an integrated HD audio amplifier system, complete with its own microphone and speakers, and it will, of course, protect your precious device from knocks and bumps too. rounding up the package is a built-in 2,200 mAh lithium polymer battery pack that offers up to 50 percent more usage time, or up to eight hours of encrypted private calling. pre-orders for the $229 VYSK QS1 Privacy Case will kick off on May 15 with delivery expected to happen sometime in “early fourth quarter 2014.” as for the private call mode, it will cost an additional $9.95 per month. the VYSK QS1 will be available for iPhone 5/5s, as well as Samsung GALAXY S4/S5.