iBattz Waterproof and Interchangeable Battery Cases

iBattz Waterproof and Interchangeable Battery Cases
iPhone 5 is an excellent smartphone but not without its flaw and speaking of flaws, two obvious issues come to our mind would be its susceptibility to scratch (and any drops would be unthinkable) and the less-than-ideal battery life. these trio of iBattz Waterproof and Interchangeable Battery Cases for iPhone 5 popped out during this week’s 2013 International CES should solve the aforementioned ‘issues’ and they have removable battery where you pop in a fresh one when the current one ran out of juice. the three models are Mojo Refuel, Major Armor, and AquaSeal Hi5. the Mojo Refuel comes with two high capacity 2,200 mAh lithium-ion batteries and includes an external USB charger that allow you to charge the additional battery while the other is in use. of course, apart from providing your iPhone 5 with juice, this lovely case also protects it from the rigor of daily usage. however if tougher protection for your 5 is what you are after, then the Mojo Armor and AquaSeal Hi5 are both worthy candidates. the Armor protects your precious iDevice from drops, dust, splashes and shocks, along with two removable 2,200 mAh lithium-ion batteries. the AquaSeal Hi5 is sealed against water immersion and packs a 2,500 mAh aluminum-clad battery. available soon with a starting price of $89.90.

PS: shown here is the Mojo Refuel for iPhone 5. sorry folks. we do not have good resolution images for the other two.

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iBattz Mojo Refuel for iPhone 5 b

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