2014 Lexus IS Compact Sport Sedan

2014 Lexus IS 350 F-SPORT Front
among all luxury sedan, there’s no doubt that Lexus is the forerunner in having the sporting look even for the so-called ‘regular’ version. case in point: the 2014 Lexus IS Compact Sport Sedan. set to grace the Detroit Auto Show on the January 15, the all-new IS model range comprises of IS 250, IS 350, plus the very first IS to be fitted with Lexus Hybrid Drive, the IS 300h. needless to say, a sport version by the namesake of F SPORT will also be available across this range. looking at the official images, we must say that we detect some LFA flair in this new baby Lexus, noting the aggressive front fascia that features the new Lexus spindle grille. regardless of which angle you look at it, the new IS extrudes the sporting character that put forth a powerful statement, and of course, with it the IS stamp of its presence on the road. we don’t how to begin to put it but you will know that this little guy, well – actually not so little guy, is made for performance the moment you lay eyes on it. the wide flare of the wheel arches didn’t help to hide its eagerness to perform either.

apart from the pronounced front bumper, the Lexus trademark articulated headlamp cluster, accompanied by an independently located L-shaped daytime running lights seem to inject even more life to the front. looking straight, you just have the queasy feeling that a beast is starting straight down at you. fortunately, you own it, you won’t be in that intimating position. the new IS got a bump in width and wheelbase, which translate to improved rear seat comfort and that, coupled with a slimmer front seat design, result in happier rear passengers, now that they will enjoy better knee space and improved accessibility. finally, expect a more refine cabin in terms of material, trim and finish that reminiscences that of the LFA’s. other interior highlight includes a high-quality analog clock with surface-emitting illumination, a center console with electrostatic switches, a Lexus-first, for regulating of air conditioning temperature with a touch of a finger, a LFA-inspired steering and a more sporting driving position. details such as engine lineup, availability and pricing are not available as yet but we should be hearing more on the 15th. in the mean time, you can browse through a few official images of the 250/350 F Sport below, courtesy of Lexus USA or learn more about the 2014 Lexus IS HERE.

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