LG G5 is a beautiful phone, but as pretty as it is, it is as susceptible to drops and shocks just like any phone does. And the modularity doesn’t make it any better, now that you have a detachable section. That said, if you want the phone to survive the worst, then you have to dress it in a rugged case like the Urban Armor Gear LG G5 Rugged Smartphone Case. UAG LG G5’s composite build promised to provide maximum drop and impact protection with minimum bulk and boasts non-slip rubberized grip for secure hold, as well as large tactile buttons.

The case is designed to allow unhindered access to the fingerprint sensor, the dual camera setup around the back of the device and sports oversized opening that affords compatibility with third party cables and headphones. Scratch-resistant bottom skid pads prevent the phone from running errant on smooth surfaces, while screen surround keeps the display safe in the event of an impact. Mostly importantly, perhaps, is its armor shell and impact resistant soft core construction which meets military drop-test standards, MIL-STD-810G-516.6, thus ensuring survivability of the device when the worst befalls on it. The only caveat is, it isn’t waterproof.

If you are up for it, you can pick one up from UAG web store for $34.95 a pop. Available in four fabulous translucent colors.

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