UAG Introduces A New Line Of Slim, Rugged Phone Cases That Is Totally Biodegradable

Remember the Urban Armor Gear Civilian Series, the ruggedized iPhone case without the bulk associated with rugged case? Well, UAG has a new series that take it a step further and it is one that will ease you eco-consciousness.

Rugged Case For Apple AirPods Is Not Necessary, But If It Looks This Dope, Why Not?

Unlike iPhones, Apple AirPods Pro (or just AirPods) does not call for a rugged protection, but hey, if it is a thing and looks downright dope, why the hell not, right? Such is what Urban Armor Gear Case for Apple AirPod is.

Urban Armor Gear Civilian Series iPhone Case: Rugged Without The Rugged Look

Ever wanted a rugged iPhone case that doesn’t have the typical rugged look? Well, if so, the Urban Armor Gear Civilian Series iPhone Case is the answer. UAG’s latest case for the latest-generation iPhone is uber sleek, featuring a modest design with bold hints of superior protection.

Urban Armor Gear Outs Drop-Tested Cases For LG G5 Smartphone

LG G5 is a beautiful phone, but as pretty as it is, it is as susceptible to drops and shocks just like any phone does. And the modularity doesn’t make it any better, now that you have a detachable section. That said, if you want the phone to survive the worst, then you have to …

This UAG MacBook Case Will Turn Your Fragile 12-inch MacBook into a Mil-Spec Ruggedized Laptop

Apple’s new 12-inch MacBook is super thin and pretty, but with crazy thinness, comes great fragility. I guess you could say it is the law of the (gadget) nature, which we don’t foresee a change unless there are some breakthrough in the field of material engineering. Anyways, if you’re looking to bring this piece of …

Urban Armor Gear Proved That Its Case Is Super Tough By Doing A Drop Test From Space

How do you prove a product and in this instance, an iPhone 6 case, is a tough nut to crack? By doing a drop test, of course, but if you are going to prove the point it has to be higher than a man’s height or even a two storey building. In the case of …