If you still rely on standalone alarm clock and owns a smartphone with wireless charging, well then, you may want to check out Anker Wakey. Anker Wakey is an alarm clock with an integrated wireless charging pad up top and it is also a Bluetooth speaker too.

It is a three-in-one device that will help reduce your bedside table clutter and looking swanky while doing so. It uses Qi standard to deliver up to 10 W of juice to devices like Samsung S8/S8 Plus or newer, Samsung Note 9 and up to 7.5 W to iPhone XR, XS Max, XS, X and 8 Plus.

Anker Wakey Wireless Charging Pad Alarm Clock

Apparently, it has FM radio built into it which you leverage on if rather not connect it, via Bluetooth or AUX, to your smartphone. Audio duty is handled by full-range stereo drivers.

As an alarm, up to 15 individual alarms can be set and you get 10 different sounds to choose from, or you could chose to fire up the FM radio as the alarm sound.

Anker Wakey Wireless Charging Pad Alarm Clock

While it is called Wakey, it is not all about waking up. It also has 10 sleep-inducing ambient sounds to coax you into the la la land. Using the Sound Core app, you can also compose your own tunes as well.

It has an LED display which will automatically dim in low light or you can turn it off completely using the app.

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Anker Wakey Wireless Charging Pad Alarm Clock is available now on Anker.com for $99.99 a pop.

Anker Wakey Wireless Charging Pad Alarm Clock

Images: Anker.

Source: Twitter (@UniverseIce).

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