the kinks in Apple Maps may have been ironed out, but do you trust your life with it when exploring the wilderness? i guess not. this is why you every iPhone-toting adventurers should have the TopoCharger Battery Case with Topo Maps for iPhone. at the most basic level, it offers your iDevice the protection it needs when you are out and about, plus gigs of state-by-state topography map data are stored within the slim case without taking up precious storage of your phone and also allowing access to them even if you are off the grid, while a built-in, rechargeable lithium polymer battery packing 1,460 mAh of juice ensures that you won’t run out of battery before you reach the trail end.

make no mistake, these maps are no fancy but ordinary maps which Apple and Google serves up; they are topo maps, each in full-color, zoomable to 18 levels down to 20-foot contours and featuring details like forest roads, public and private lands, relief information and more. each TopoCharger comes with a free GPS app that taps into the GPS chip of the iPhone, letting mark points, collect routes, capture photos and more, without the need for cell signals. the TopoCharger Battery Case with Topo Maps for iPhone (4/4s and 5/5s) will be available in March 2014 for $149 and up.

Trimble via werd.

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