the Parce Intelligent Energy-Saving Electrical Plug is not the official product name. its actual product name is just Parce, but it is pitching itself as the world’s first intelligent energy-saving program. so, yes. it is being pushed as program rather than a hardware and this nifty little device, according to its creator, could potentially save you up to 50% off your annual utility bill. a pretty bold claim, indeed. so, how exactly does this Parce intend to proceed in order to achieve that kind of saving? first, you have to invest at least $59 for one such plug-like device. plugs it into any wall outlet and plug whatever appliance or equipment you desire into the Parce and you pretty much all set.

from then on, Parce becomes a little creepier. it starts to monitor the appliance or equipment plugged into it, knows when the devices are in standby mode and kicked in to save energy for you and eventually, generates consumption report so you will be in the know on where those precious electrons are being used and even point the way on how you can improve on the saving, if any. in essence, this is a smart device which will do pretty much what smart devices do, including getting acquainted with the devices that are plugged to it, letting you set the schedule for each plugged in appliances, or turn them on/off from virtually anywhere in the world. it gets even more creepy from here on: Parce will even know when you are not at home and will send you reminder to turn off those devices, or it could do it for you. the choice is yours.

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theoretically, the Parce sure sounds awesomely capable, but you will have to expend at least 60 bucks before you start rolling savings and that’s just for one Parce. if you have a whole house load of appliances to hook up, then we are obliged to think that economically sensible result will take a longer time to realize.

Parce Intelligent Energy-Saving Electrical Plug

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