GUMPERT Apollo Enraged Supercar

Gumpert Apollo Enraged Supercar
(photos: GUMPERT) GUMPERT Apollo Enraged Supercar | US$tba |

there are the bests and there are the bests that speak about your individuality. the GUMERT Apollo Enraged Supercar is just one of those that would boast one’s individuality. yes, we heard of big names like Lamborghini, Pagani and the likes but it is this car that will rocket pass the crowd and leaves them wondering what the heck just sped past. the Apollo Enraged, as the name implies, is the Apollo on steroids. unleashing its rage in the form of 780 angry horsepower (582 kW) and like the balance in life, it is has an equally powerful opposing force – huge 396mm internally ventilated ceramic brake discs – to haul it to stop. technical specifications are scant at this moment. however, what we do know is the Enrage is a special limited edition supercar and there will be just three of these fine examples worldwide. so good luck in trying to get your hands on one. if you are looking for something more track-worthy, there is the Apollo R – a race prepped Apollo with 860 horses (641 kW) on the tap and weighing at just 1,100 kg. heralded as a thoroughbred racing car, the R is a strongest and lightest Apollo to date. oh, and it is not street legal. hit the jump for a gallery of the GUMPERT Apollo Enraged Supercar.

GUMPERT via Autoblog

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