AMG Viella 12 “V12” Turntable

AMG Viella 12 "V12" Turntable
(photos: AMG Turntable) AMG Viella 12 “V12” Turntable | US$16,000.00 |

every category of product has its ‘best-of-best’ and not surprisingly, even turntable has its cream of the crop. yes. contrary to popular believe, vinyls are still very much alive and has its fair share of fans even as the digital revolution is being played out. being a connoisseur of this media of the bygone era, you shouldn’t settle for less when it comes to the machine that’s going to spin your treasured vinyls and the AMG Viella 12 “V-12” Turntable is just the machine that you will need. we will be honest with you: we were totally sold even before we read its specifications. the V12 features an aircraft-grade aluminum turntable plinth with a trio of adjustable and retractable steel-copper spikes for feet, built-in spirit level, a stainless steel sub-platter matched to a CNC machined platter, also crafted from aircraft grade aluminum, detachable high mass tonearm board, two-piece counterweight with Teflon decoupled sleeve, and an aircraft-grade, anodized aluminum armwand. a low speed brushless motor delivers the spinning moment via precision made rubber belt on stainless steel weighted and polished drive belt pulley, offering you three turning speeds with electronic on/off, speed change and speed fine adjust. the AMG Viella 12 “V12” Turntable is available with hardwood trim and cost a bank-breaking $16,000.

AMG Turntable via Born Rich

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