lately, a couple of America’s forefathers have been making quite a buzz in the entertainment industry centuries on after their passing. we are referring to none other than prominent founding figures of the United States of America: Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. for the uninitiated, George made an appearance in the recent hit video game The Assassin’s Creed III while Abe was featured in a couple of big screen flicks, including Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and the Oscar-nominated Lincoln biopic, directed by Steven Spielberg. you can now celebrate the greatness of these two American legends with the US Presidents MIMOBOT USB Flash Drives from Mimoco. the duo takes on the familiar MIMOBOT form and comes in 8GB, 16GB and 128GB capacities. as with all MIMOBOT USB flash drives, the Mimoco US Presidents MIMOBOT USB Flash Drives come preloaded with Mimory files that include icons, avatars, as well as wallpapers to complete your worship for these legends. you can pick them up for between $19.99-$129.99 each. oh, if you are after George, you might want to act fast cos’ only 1,000 of him will be made available.

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