if every gamer has a choice, who wouldn’t prefer a full surround sound setup to get the best out of their gaming experience? unfortunately, huge sound doesn’t always get your neighbors’ nod of approval and when the cops come knocking, they certainly won’t be as amused too. the solution? keep those awesome bangs and booms that not quite everybody appreciate to yourself with the Turtle Beach Ear Force XP Seven Tournament Grade Gaming Headset. the Ear Force XP Seven gaming headset delivers Dolby Digital Surround Sound for an immersive 360 degree audio, enabling you to pinpoint the direction of every sound, so you know exactly where the heck is the enemy sniper that have been causing you the painful cycle of re-spawning. some of the highlights include premium 50mm neodymium magnet drivers, true uncompressed (PCM) surround sound, a fully programmable digital sound processor (DSP), Audio Control Unit (ACU) for precise surround sound, powerful audio presets and customization, smartphone or digital media player compatible (via the ACU) for enjoying music or take calls, voice morphing, digital optical connection, separate game and chat USB channels for individual volume control, dynamic chat boost that automatically increases the chat volume as the game sound level increases and ear guard with blast limiter that limits the intensity of explosions and gunfire so that you get to keep your hearing for another day. the Turtle Beach Ear Force XP Seven Gaming Headset is available now for $279.95 a pair.

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