NVIDIA Broadcast Update 1.4 Eye Contact

Ever wanted to take your eyes away to read the script or do something else discreetly when you are live streaming or in a video conference? Well, NVIDIA recently made it possible through NVIDIA Broadcast 1.4 Update.

NVIDIA Broadcast Update 1.4 Eye Contact

The NVIDIA Broadcast 1.4 Update features a thing called Eye Contact. What this feature does is it moves the eyes of the speaker to make it look like they are looking straight into the camera and it does so in an eerily accurate and natural manner. Don’t believe it? Just have a look at the video demo below.

This is basically a deepfake for the eyes because the fake eyes retain their natural color and blinks. There’s even a disconnect feature in case you look away too far away, thus allowing a seamless transition between simulated and real eyes.

It’s alarming indeed and you can definitely add this to your “I don’t what the is real anymore list”.

NVIDIA Broadcast Update 1.4 Eye Contact

Anyhoo, the Eye Contact feature is currently in beta. NVIDIA wants the community to help improve Eye Contact.

Also introduced with Update 1.4 is the Vignette effect. It can be combined with a subtle Background Blur effect to achieve an AI-simulated bokeh visual on your webcam to boost the visual quality.

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But really, that is not as groundbreaking as the Eye Contact feature which everyone has their eyes on. I apologize for the bad pun (but I just can’t help it!).

NVIDIA Broadcast Update 1.4 Eye Contact

App developers who are interested in adding Broadcast Effects to their native apps can do so with NVIDIA SDKs powering NVIDIA Broadcast, known as Maxine.

NVIDIA Maxine SDK updates, which include the Eye Contact feature, were announced at CES 2023 earlier this month. You may pore over an article on the NVIDIA developer’s blog if you are interested to learn the science and engineering behind the Eye Contact feature.

Images: NVIDIA.

via PetaPixel.