Xupermask x Honeywell Face Mask

will.i.am has gotten himself into another business (again). This time, it is making face masks. Not just any face mask. It is a high-tech face mask that Bane will approve.

Xupermask x Honeywell Face Mask

And he is not in it alone; he has got Honeywell in it too. Called Xupermask, it is said to combine “face technology” and features active fan air intake and exhaust, dual HEPA filters, HEPA filter exhaust, and in-ear headphones with active noise cancellation.

Every aspect of the mask can be control directly from the mask, including fan control, light function (yes, it has that too!), active noise cancellation on/off, and of course, audio control.

Light function is presented as light ring, one each surrounding the the air valve. Also onboard are light indicators as well as a noise reduction microphone. It does not appear to have voice amplification, though. Neither does it have built-in UV-C.

Xupermask x Honeywell Face Mask

The removable in-ear headphones features Bluetooth 5.0 for wireless connectivity, ambient sound mode, Qualcomm QCC5124 chipset, magnetic earbud docking system, and promised to deliver “Hi-Fi sound quality.”

The Xupermask x Honeywell Face Mask further boasts adjustable airflow control, replaceable pleated HEPA filters, and it is powered by rechargeable battery good for up to 7 hours on a single charge.

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One of the aforementioned LED lights offer visual indication of battery and charge status. There is low battery voice prompt too. Tell me this isn’t one of the most high-tech mask you have ever seen.

Xupermask x Honeywell Face Mask

But such tech is a luxury. It will cost you a cool US$299.99 for one. Make no mistake. That’s a three figure same for a single mask. Holy mother of…

Anyways, for 300 bucks, you will get the mask, along with “Xuberbag” (basically a bag for the mask), 2 sets of replacement HEPA filters, ear buds, and a USB charger.

As expensive as it may be, it did not stop the Xupermask from selling out. The first drop was promptly snapped up.

Xupermask x Honeywell Face Mask

Images: Xupermask.