Up till now, if you want an imaging drones with gimbal functionality, dropping a couple of thousands seem like an inevitable thing to do, but not if UK-based Extreme Fliers can help it. The outfit’s latest micro drone, dubbed Micro Drone 3.0, maintains the compact, launch-from-your-palm form, but now packs a user-controllable gimbal powered by miniature servo motors. It can even live-stream video from the craft to your phone, making this little guy seem like a favorable alternative for those who are not prepared to drop serious dough for a pro rig.

But gimbal and live streaming are just part of an enchanting story; this thing is packed with other to-die for features including auto-levelling, inverted flying capability, sensor assisted flying, quick connect battery, and the ability to tackle windspeed of up to 45 mph (72 kph) and can fly as far out as 300 feet (91 meters). Micro Drone 3.0 is designed from the ground up to be modular so parts that are damaged or worn can easily be replaced and best of all, if you have a Micro Drone 3.0, it don’t need to look like your neighbor’s cos’ 3D printed customization allows you to personalize it as a flying dragon or some other warp creatures you have in mind.

And it is scalable too, allowing the drone to grow in physical size when you are ready. The onboard firmware is programmed with three settings to suit the different sizes and to cope with the associated flight dynamics of varying sizes. While you can make the drone do your bidding through your phone, there is also an option to control it using a professional remote control too.

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What the Micro Drone 3.0 has to offer certainly sounds very impressive, but there’s a catch here: it only records at 720p. Then again, at $150 a pop, you can’t really be asking too much, can you? In fact, at this price point, we would think it is one heck of a bargain and possibly a dream drone for budget conscious aerial videography enthusiasts.

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