Extreme Fliers Want You To Get Into Drone Racing With This $65 Kit

Extreme Fliers, the company that brought to you the palm-size drone with gimbal is back, this time, it wants to get into the hobby of drone racing with a “competitively priced’ kit called Micro Drone Carbon Fibre Racing Kit. Obviously, it requires assembly, but what you will get is a tiny drone that touts customizability […]

This Tiny Drone is Packed to the Brim with Features Including a Gimbal

Up till now, if you want an imaging drones with gimbal functionality, dropping a couple of thousands seem like an inevitable thing to do, but not if UK-based Extreme Fliers can help it. The outfit’s latest micro drone, dubbed Micro Drone 3.0, maintains the compact, launch-from-your-palm form, but now packs a user-controllable gimbal powered by […]