This is Glamos from South Korea startup Coredar, Inc.. It can turn any screen into a touch screen without you actually having to touch it at all.

Designed by former Samsung engineers, Glamos is a pine-size device that uses LiDAR technology to turn any screen, be it computer, TV, tablet, smartphone or whatnot, into a fully interactive touch screen.

Glamos Adds Gesture Control To Any Screen

It can even project a virtual touch screen from your device to the wall, the air, or whiteboard, but you’d be touching something… anywho, you know it can.

The most magical part is, of course, it enables screens to register gestures without the need to physically touch the screen. OK. So, Glamos is essentially a gesture control gadget, which is not very new, IMHO.

What’s new, however, is the use LiDAR technology that kind of makes it as the world’s smallest LiDAR device. How small, you asked? It just an inch and a half.

Once setup, which is instant according to Coredar, Glamos can sense motion within a 3-foot radius and captures 180-degree. Coredar Inc. claims that Glamos can automatically scale based on the device it is connected.

If you are willing, you can pre-order Glamos on Indiegogo InDemand for $129.

All images courtesy of Coredar Inc..

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