we seriously think today’s ‘household’ name hot hatches lack the punch and the ‘punch’ we are talking is not 100 or 200 horses machines, we are talking about something with a lot more oomph. something like, say, over 300 PS? a dream you said? well, not exactly because that’s what the Vauxhall Astra VXR EXTREME aka Opel Astra OPC EXTREME will have under the hood. powered by an all-aluminum 2.0-liter turbocharged engine and mated to a six-speed manual gearbox, the Astra VXR EXTREME is a street-legal race derivative of the last year’s Astra Cup race car and will be the most powerful front-wheel drive Vauxhall ever when it officially premier at the Geneva Motor Show next week.

however, it is not just brute force this hot hatch has; it is a good 100 kilograms lighter, thanks to the liberal use of carbon fiber components in areas and parts like the roof, diffuser, front spoiler, hood, suspension cross-bracing, engine cover and more. even the 19-inch rolling stocks gets the carbon fiber treatment. other details include limited-slip differential (LSD), aerodynamically-optimized rear wing, Brembo six-pod brake system with 370mm discs up front, adjustable damper, Recaro bucket seats with six-point safety belts, carbon fiber-reinforced suede-covered steering wheel, and in place of back seats, there is a safety roll bar. so does all these sounds good to ya? i bet it is to any hot hatch lovers, but don’t get too excited yet, as Vauxhall has expressed that if the public reaction to this EXTREME version is “as positive as expected”, it will then be produced, but in a low-volume run. that said, the availability and pricing are still in the limbo for now.

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