What’s the point of an iPhone coated in luxurious precious metal when the dock that it sits on is not as opulent? Well, it looks like gadgets seller Brikk, who is renowned for giving iPhone luxury touches, understand this void and decided to turn out matching Lux iPhone Dock, coated in genuine luxury finishes, of course. Whether your device is of 950 Platinum, 18K Rose Gold or 24K Yellow Gold, Brikk has you covered. This often overlooked accessories by luxury companies was described by Brikk as “a rare artifact” and features genuine Apple Lightning Dock and comes with built-in audio jack for connection with your headphones, or if you prefer, speakers.

Lux iPhone Dock by Brikk

Brikk even go as far as to claim Lux iPhone Dock a “low price point” at, wait for this… “just” $495. Well, the price there, it is debatable. If you have the financial muscle to splurge upwards of $8,000 for a diamond encrusted, gold-coated iPhone, then I supposed 495 bucks really is “just” $495. If that is not the case, then you just have to look away, or do what I do, just admire it from a distance, or in this case, admire it digitally with the images posted with this article. Actually, I was hoping a 500 bucks dock would have some touches of diamonds. Wait. Is that too much to ask?

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Lux iPhone Dock by Brikk

Images courtesy of Brikk.

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