WySky Apple-integrated Music Lamp

The birth of crowdfunding platforms give raise to a world of innovations that you probably never thought you need. The WySky Apple-integrated Music Lamp is one such example. From the product name, it is easy to dismiss WySky as just another gimmicky dock, or a desk lamp, but rest assure that it is more than that. This futuristic-looking lamp is actually an adjustable LED light with over 16 million color, a full-range speaker, and an iPhone/iPad dock rolled into one.

Sporting a Apple device-matching aluminum construction, the lamp offers you the liberty to adjust the color of the lamp via a companion app as it is being charged and while it is at it, you will have access to the device full functionality and, if you desire, the 4-inch full-range speaker can spits out tunes to soothe your mind as you work at the desk. We have to admit, aesthetically, we are not quite attracted to it, but the idea of a clutter-free desk top kind of draws us to it. It even has an additional charging back around the back for charging another device.

WySky is the brainchild of Shanghai-based startup, WySky Tech, and it is now on Kickstarter, where a pledge of $99-119, depending on how soon you back the campaign, will secure you a unit. But as with any Kickstarter campaign, the realization of the product depends very much on the outcome of the campaign. Hit the jump for the product pitch video to learn more.

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Images courtesy of WySky Tech.

submitted via TIP US page.