like your dollar bills to be crisp unfold, just like when you withdrew from the bank? then you would need a wallet such as this MANEKIBOOK Purser Solar Leather Wallet to do the job. crafted from a single piece of natural Italian vegetable-dyed leather, the concept behind the Purser Solar is simple: let you relive the feeling of packed bills, secured neatly under an elastic. though it never touts itself as a minimalist wallet, it is bi doubt a product of minimalism and yet, serves it function and looking exceeding elegant and sophisticated at the same time. it has two compartments; one that keeps your bills and sized to fit up to 500 euro denomination and up to 100 of them (who brings 50 grand out to street anyway?), keeping them in pristine, straight condition, and the other, designed for storing up to 10 plastic cards and other small documents.

this ‘unibody’ wallet, if we may call it that, features a locking screw in the guise of a radial micro-engraved guilloche with the letter ‘M’, as milled by hand from Italian jewelry brass. this lone brass-goldish element adds a subtle touch of class to an otherwise predominantly leather product and is central in holding the whole leather setup together. finally, a single elastic band allows for simple opening and closing of the wallet, secures the content within and the elasticity allows for room for expansion. at 9 x 16.5 x 1cm (about 3.5 x 6.5 x 0.4 inches), it is not small by any means, but it would still fit into most pockets of slacks and trousers, though personally, i would suggest keeping it in the inside breast pocket of your coat, if possible cos’ you wouldn’t want to ruin it by “force bending” it when you happen to squat down. you can get yours from MANEKIBOOK web store for €80 ea. (about US$110).

Published by Mike chua

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