when you are traveling or at work, pulling out a cable and adapter to charge your Android smartphone can be quite a hassle and that’s not to mention the act of charging often means you will have leave your phone on the floor and opens the smartphone to the risk of being stepped on. doesn’t seem like the ideal scenario, does it? this is where the JuiceBuddy 2.0 Android Charger by Arriba Design aims to help. billed as the world’s smallest Android charger, it measures just 2.5 x 1 x 0.9 inches (63.5 x 25.4 x 22.9mm) and features a micro USB connector, concealed by a flip-top cover, to dock your Android smartphone for charging. the connector is design to be angled so that it can fully support your device when dock.

the accessory plugs straight into US standard outlet and it does so without impeding the use of the other outlet. also integrated with this tiny charger is a USB port which a regular USB charging cable can be used to charge up other USB-powered gadgets. last but not least, it comes standard with a mini carabiner, looped to the built-in keyloop and has collapsible prongs, allowing it to be folded away for ease of storage and portability. the JuiceBuddy 2.0 Android Charger by Arriba Design is not quite a reality yet and it will need about $12,500 in funding to get it rolling out of the factory. you can help by “pre-ordering” one for $20 ($29, after the early bird runs out) from their Kickstarter campaign page. check out pitch video below to learn more.

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