Budget-conscious gadget lovers must be drooling all over the new current flood of UHD TVs. While nice, the current horde of big screen, eye-watering resolution television sets are anything but affordable. And seriously, not everyone needs a 105-inch variety, much less one that spans 8 meters across. This is where California-based TV maker Sceptre comes in. It wants to smash the price barrier of UHD TV ownership and it has already did that with a 900 bucks example and here’s another one, the Sceptre 55-inch U550CV-UMR+ 4K UHD TV, that promised to strike “a perfect balance of quality, performance, technology, and affordability.” Though it is worthy to note that price is unknown yet – even though the official press said it is available now though various channels, including Amazon, Best Buy, Costco, Sam’s Club, Target, Sears’ Marketplace and Walmart. However, we are expecting a sub $1,500 sticker since the 49-inch model cost under 900.

Sceptre 55-inch U550CV-UMR+ 4K UHD TV

Speaking of the 49-inch model, this freshly announced 55-inch variant shares pretty much the same specifications, including a visually appealing 3,820 x 2,160 resolution display panel, framed by a ultra-thin brush pattern frame and minimalistic bezel, and ear-pleasing SRS TruSurround HD Sound. Other mentions include UHD upscaling, MHL connectivity, 120 Hz refreshed rate, 6ms response time, 210 cd/m2 brightness, next-generation 4K copy protection, a pair of USB ports (which can be used for charging USB-powered devices), and it is equipped with four HDMI ports, of which includes the latest HDMI 2.0. Like we said, it was mentioned on the PR text that it is available now, but after scouring around, we have yet to see it online anywhere. If you’re all up for it, perhaps you could try hitting up the brick and mortar stores of the aforementioned retailers.

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Sceptre 55-inch U550CV-UMR+ 4K UHD TV

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