Ordinary citizens may get all paranoia about Big Brother watching them, but little do they know that Big Brother may have the same worry too. Well, at least it is for Taiwan’s government, all thanks to Google Maps. Google’s new 3D maps boast unprecedented details of certain cities, including Taiwan’s most sensitive military sites that’s home to US-made Patriot missiles. Oops.

The maps are so detailed that it leaves little to the imagination, letting whoever is viewing it on all the structures on the military sites, right down to the types of launchers and even the models of the missiles. Not only that, even the previously secret Patriot missile base in Ankeng, Taipei, along with the defense infrastructure at the National Security Bureau and the Military Intelligence Bureau, are clearly visible as 3D render. Now, that is seriously a holy shit moment for Taiwanese government.

While the Taiwanese Defence Minister Yen Te-fa remained calm, saying that the site of defense infrastructure at times of peace will be different from that of times of war and points out that the confidential details all hidden inside the structures, his department wasted no time in working with Google to keep those information out of public’s sight. What the Taiwan has experienced is not exclusive to the island state. With the advent in commercial telemetric satellite technology, every country is at risk of putting their darkest military secrets out there.

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Image and source: South China Morning Post.

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