Here’s a story that offers you a good reason why you may need a smart refrigerator in your home. It may one day let you send out distress message when all other means of communications are gone. According to a report, a teenage girl, Twitter user ‘Dorothy’ (@thankunext327) had somehow lost her phone privileges.

Her phone was taken away by her mum. But she ‘fought’ on and found other means to get onto Twitter. She did. First using a 3DS which was promptly taken away too and then she turned to her Wii U, but that was taken away too. Anyways, long story short, after all the electronics with means to communicate with the outside world were taken, she turned to the most unlikely gadget to carry on tweeting: a LG smart refrigerator.

Man, if all those were true, then this gotta to be the most brilliant lost gadget survivalist ever. A shining example of the Generation Z. Then again, at this day and age, you can’t be sure if this is just an elaborate prank just to get attention, after all, this #FreeDorothy saga has went viral and even making to the mainstream news.

We shall leave it to you to decide whether or not this is real, but whether or not this is real, we are 100 percent entertained by this contemporary “thriller” even though there was no mask-wearing killer involved. It was just one mum who was, for whatever reasons, hellbent in removing gadgets from her girl’s life. LoL.

Image: Twitter (@thankunext327).

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Source: boing boing.

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