Florida, U.S.A. The sunshine state is infamous for alligators popping up at people’s backyard, mosquitoes, crazy happenings mostly caused by humans and now, racoon too. What you see here is, a raccoon caught red-handed ransacking a vending machine at Pine Ridge High School.

It was a heist gone wrong – thanks to the one-way opening flap on these machines. Official words from Volusia Country Sheriff’s Office posted on Facebook:

“This gentleman was apprehended today while committing a burglary of a vending machine at Pine Ridge High School.”

Awww… that’s adorable! Well, adorable to us, perhaps, but not quite for the raccoon. Deputy Danny Clifton, who was filling in for a regular campus officer, got alerted about a “robbery” perpetrated by the unlikely suspect. I guess times really has changed. In the past, raccoons forage in the woods. Then as humans started to encroach the forest, they start coming for the trash and now, this.

Clearly, this particular raccoon is of a different “social stature,” preferring packaged snack over discarded food. Anywho, the entire vending was carted away with the help of Deltona Animal Control to the edge of the campus where the door was then open to let the animal criminal a free ticket out.

It is unclear if Mr. Burglar Raccoon did score any snack while trapped inside. Whether or not if it did, you can be sure I will be thinking twice before popping snacks out of a vending that is out in the open from now on. I just won’t. I have watched one too many seasons of Monster Inside Me.

Image: Facebook (@VolusiaSheriff).

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Source: Mother Nature Network.

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