Either cats are pretty snobbish or none of them know how to look at the camera when you are trying to take a selfie with them. Whatever the reasons that maybe, British novelty company Bubblegum Stuff may have a solution and it is called Cat Selfie. Cat Selfie is essentially an attachment that clips on top of your smartphone and it has a little bell that will direct your feline friend’s attention to the camera.

Cat Selfie Attachment for Smartphone

I am assuming that you will need to shake it a little to create a sound to get the cat’s attention. Or am I not a cat person enough to know that cats are naturally attracted to shiny little bells as they are naturally drawn to live birds and mice? At £11.95 (or about a little over $14) a pop, it is not all that exorbitant, but money isn’t the issue.

The issue here is, if you need to buy a purpose designed accessory to take selfie with your cat, then it may be a sign that things aren’t going well with your life. In other words, it is high time that you seek help… for yourself, not the cat. Such is the 21st century’s first world problem, doesn’t it? Trying to get cats to look at the camera.

Cat Selfie Attachment for Smartphone

Images: Bubblegum Stuff.

Source: Geekologie.

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