First, we read about nature’s very own monster penguin that lived 30 million years ago and now we seeing another giant object, but this time, it ain’t nature’s doing. It was UK-based photographer Brendan Barry’s work of art: a giant-size fully functioning camera. What you see here is possibly the world’s biggest camera, appropriately called Shipping Container Camera because, it is a shipping container.

Shipping Container Camera

According to Barry, it is not only the world’s biggest camera, but it is also the slowest and most impractical Polaroid camera. Actually, it is not quite a Polaroid. It is an analog camera though, that requires the good old fashion way of developing the images in a dark room. And that brings us to amazing facts about this creation: it is a shipping container and it is also a functional, huge-ass analog camera, which know by now, that is also a dark room and a mobile exhibition gallery of sort. Pretty neat, right?

Shipping Container Camera

After snapping photos of any willing subject, the film can be developed into photos right there and then. And when those are done, it can be cleared out and turned into an exhibition gallery for those photos. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Barry is, btw, no stranger to creating strange imaging devices. He had turned unsuspecting objects into a camera body, ranging from watermelons to a loaf of bread to mannequin.

At one point, he also turned a caravan into a giant camera. However, the Shipping Container Camera you see here would be his biggest imaging contraption you have ever conceived. Keep going to find out about this wonderful creation in a web documentary, created by Exploredinary, below.

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Images: Brenda Barry/Exploredinary.

Source: designboom.

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