Hotel Turns Hot Spring Into Human Hot Pot

Would you eat while you are in a pool, a hot tub, or hot spring? Personally, I would not. Eating while in any of the aforementioned water body is, to me, like peeing inside a pool. It’s gross and unhygienic. But I guess that’s just me because, First World Hotel in Hangzhou in Zhejiang province, China, seems nonchalant about it. The hotel had, in anticipation of Lunar New Year, turned one of its hot spring pools into a human ‘hot pot’ of sort that would probably put a smile on Hannibal Lecter’s face – if the fictional cannibalistic psychopath love hot pot.

Hotel Turns Hot Spring Into Human Hot Pot

I bet the psychotic doctor would be like ‘it is nice to have cooked food once in a while’. Fortunately though, there’s nothing cannibalistic about this so-called human ‘hot pot’ (thankfully!). Humans dipping into the hot spring, which is now sectioned into smaller pools and garnished with fresh vegetables, are not food. They are merely chilling out to the warm of the hot spring water while chomping down food served up to them in skewers and gulping down beverages of their choice. By ‘beverages’, we do mean sodas and whatnot, and not the ‘soup’ that they were in.

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Apparently, this wasn’t the first in the world. The city of Chongqing had one going last year, but instead of real veggies, that one had fake vegetables which, honestly, sounds like a more hygienic thing to do. The one Chongqing wasn’t news. Back in 2016, a hot spring operator in Luoyang, Henan province, let guests soak in hot springs filled with apples, orange and lemons, and letting them eat those fruits if the guests are willing. Anywho, while I may have arms up in the air on this, looking at the footage (which you can after the post, courtesy of South China Morning Post) and the photos, the entire human hot pot does make for a vibrant photo opportunity.

Images: STR/AFP/Getty Images via CNN.

Source: Lost At E Minor.