MoFU Transformable Design Toy by Yoshi Ito

You know those puzzle toys like Rubik’s Snake? And you are also familiar Transformers line of toys? Well, MoFU Toys are kind of like a mash up of the two. It has the simplicity of the Rubik’s Snake and yet it has the playability of a transformable action figure like Transformers.

MoFU Transformable Design Toy by Yoshi Ito

MoFU stands for Mighty Omega Folding Universe. It is a line of origami-like folding toys designed by Brooklyn-based Japanese designer Yoshi Ito.

MoFU is transformable animal puzzle toy that challenges you to figure out how to turn a cube into a specific animal. And I must say the animals are super adorable.

Each MoFU animal is expressive, posable and when you are done unraveling and playing with it, it can be neatly folded up and stash back into its nesting box.

All told, there are five models planned. There is the monkey (MoNKI), the tiger (ToRA), the giraffe (KiRIN), the hippo (KaBA), and the pig (BuTA). Each model has its own level of difficultly.

MoFU Transformable Design Toy by Yoshi Ito

Yoshi Ito and his team will be hitting up Kickstarter to sell MoFU Transformable Design Toy. Official words are, MoFU Toys will launch one design at a time, starting with MoNKI the Monkey.

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You can learn more about MoFU Transformable Design Toy at its campaign page on Facebook, on MoFU official website, or if you want, sign up to be notify of its Kickstarter campaign when it is launched.

All images courtesy of Yoshi Ito.

Submitted via TIP US Page.