The very much anticipated fourth Evangelion of the Rebuild of Evangelion tetralogy finally hits the theaters in Japan this week after several delays, both in production and because of COVID-19.

3-meter Tall Evangelion Statue Goes Up Japan

To celebrate the premiere of Evangelion 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time, a 3-meter (9.8 feet) statue of the Test Type, aka Unit 01, is being put on display at Ami Premium Outlets in Ibaraki, Japan.

The statue has been at the said location since March 8, the day the movie opened in Japan, and it will be around until May 31, 2021. That’s not it. Visitors will also get to marvel at the Spear of Longinus in the shopping center itself.

3-meter Tall Evangelion Statue Goes Up Japan

If you are a fan and live in Japan, be sure to go check it out. Not everyday, every fan gets to have a photo op with this alien tech mecha.

As you probably already noticed from the photo, this statue had been at the Gotemba Premium Outlets previously. However, if you won’t make it there and you are filthy rich, you can always consider buying a human-size version for your growing collection of Evangelion collectibles.

Ami Premium Outlets
Ami Premium Outlets

Images: Japan Premium Outlets/Mitsubishi Estate・Simon Co., Ltd..

Source: Kotaku.

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